It doesn’t matter if this is your first comp, or if you are looking to take your stage physique to the next level…

When it comes to a prep coach, you need someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk as well. I’ve not only been personal trainer for nearly 20 years, I have also been involved with comp prep for 10 of those years. Not only have I competed for several years in bodybuilding, I have also had extensive experience getting people ready for the stage, with winners at the state, national and even international level.

Comp Prep Includes:

  • Detailed body composition assessments (fortnightly until 8 weeks out, weekly thereafter)
  • Weekly training programs with detailed methods, exercises, sets, reps, tempo’s, rest periods
  • Detailed diet plans, daily and meal by meal breakdowns with macro tracking
  • Ongoing personal support and extensive contact
  • Peak week all prescribed with details on all macro’s, water, etc

Getting in to the best shape and condition for comp day is more than simply just decreasing your calories and reducing your portion sizes.

Everyone seems to want a scientific approach to nutrition and training, but not many have the understanding of what it means to put it all in to context. Scientific yet practical approach to dieting using the latest research and findings.

Absolutely nothing is left to chance.

Everything will be prescribed in detail, with the amounts, types and dosages of protein to maximise lean mass while stripping down body fat. The right mix of fats to accelerate fat loss and promote gains. The type, timing and amount of carbs to get the best out of each workout, fuel performance and maximise body composition. You will get detailed daily plans with all macro’s calculated based on your individual assessment. All laid out clearly, step by step, with detailed and frequent  body composition assessments to make sure you are ready for the day.

I’ll make sure you receive the very same advanced training protocols that has produced winners at all levels and categories. All of this delivered from a fully qualified Physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist to ensure maximum safety and benefit from each workout. Each week’s programs are clearly laid out with exercise selection, sets, reps, tempo and rest periods all provided for you to follow with a new workout rotation provided on a weekly basis.

I utilise a wide range of training techniques, splits and programs to give you the best stimulation that not only promote overall growth, but also give you the best balance of size, shape and symmetry. If you want to learn more about my unique approach to bodybuilding science, see some of the articles he has written for Australian Ironman Magazine here.

If you are experienced in the gym and prefer to train on your own, you can still benefit from the latest training programs by signing up for the weekly program list and you will get detailed bodybuilding and bodysculpting workouts emailed to you each week. These will come with detailing splits, exercises, sets, reps, tempo’s and rest periods for each workout.

For all of my scientific and evidence based nutrition principles, check out my blog for prepping and fat loss philosophy. Or you can also read my book Calories Don’t Count which is available through all online book retailers.

Available for all categories:

  • Bikini
  • Bodybuilding
  • Fitness
  • Figure


45 / week for diet and programs (250 initial start up cost)

29 / week diet only (start up cost as above)

20 / week programs only

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