Get 20 years of Physiotherapy and Personal Training experience and expertise you won’t find at any other training facility in Brisbane.

Inspired by the movie Pumping Iron, here's Ben Minos in comp shape at the ANB
Ben pumping up backstage at ANB state titles

Ben Minos – Ph: 0413 023 500


  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Ba Phty)
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movements) Ba App Sc
  • Co Author of the 1st Australian Kettlebell Instructor Certification Course (AKI Certification)
  • ISSN Sports Nutrition
  • Certificate IV in Health and Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment


  • 1st ANB Novice Qld State Titles 2008
  • 2nd ANB Under 80kgs 2009
  • 2nd INBA Open Mens Tall 2010
  • 2nd ANB Under 80kgs 2011
  • 3rd INBA Open Mens Tall 2009
  • 3rd INBA Open Mens Class 3 2011
  • 4th ANB Nationals Under 80kg 2009
  • 4th INBA Natural Universe Open Men Class 3
  • 5th ANB Nationals Under 80kg 2011
  • Author of nutrition book Calories Don’t Count
  • Contributed editorials to Australian Ironman Magazine (Bodybuilding Magazine)
  • Business Achiever Award finalist 2007
  • Coached state and national champions in Natural Bodybuilding


  • Physiotherapy / Injury Rehabilitation
  • Competition Preparation / Body Recomposition
  • Kettlebell Training
  • 12 Week Body Transformations
  • Bodybuilding and Bodysculpting

Ben Minos is one of the most qualified and experienced personal trainers that Australia has to offer. He has coached and advised not only a number of athletes, but personal trainers as well on training, diet and injury rehabilitation.

Ben Minos is also known for co-developing the very first Kettlebell instructor certification course in Australia. He has authored a number of editorial articles for Australian Ironman Magazine and authored a book on nutrition titled Calories Don’t Count.

Being a fully qualified physiotherapist, Ben is also available for physiotherapy consultations, full injury rehab and also learning proper lifting mechanics to maximise strength and stability.