Get a Physio That Knows How To Lift!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a Physiotherapist that had extensive qualifications and experience not only in Physiotherapy but in training and lifting as well?

Ben holds a tertiary level qualification in both:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movements)
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Over the past 20 years, Ben has helped countless people recover from injury and return to training and sport, not to mention coached dozens of Personal Trainers on correct technique and lifting form.

Understand your pain, the causes and

Not only will you get help with recovery and treatment of the injury, but also you will be taught the corrective exercises to help minimise healing time and prevent injury recurrence.

On top of a range of soft tissue and joint mobilisation techniques, treatment is very practical based with proper movement re education being a big part of rehabilitation.

You will learn:

  • How to lift to minimise pain and injury risk
  • How to train safely to maximise results and decrease risk of injury
  • How to train around an injury so you don’t have to stop training completely while recovering
  • How to deal with chronic pain and continue to train safely without causing any further damage

You will also get precise and detailed instruction around:

  • Correct alignment for any exercise and workout in the gym
  • Correct muscle timing and sequencing to correct faulty patterning
  • How to maximise core stability that is specific to your needs in the gym
  • How to improve dynamic mobility and joint stability to optimise function
  • Treatment pathways to ensure step by step progress towards your desired goal

All your treatment and training sessions can be claimed on private health care when they are Physiotherapy sessions.

Ben can also work closely with your existing personal trainer if you already have one in order to ensure maximum carry over to your normal training.

Initial Consult 110

Follow Up Consult 75