Want to Transform Your Physique and Take Your Training and Nutrition to the Next Level?

Not everyone wants to step on a competitive stage, but most would love a program that helps strip fat while gaining lean hard muscle tissue for a more toned physique. Not only that, but a program that understands a busy and stressful lifestyle and is flexible and realistic enough to get the results.

The goal of the program is to obviously help you get the body you’ve always wanted, but people report so many other benefits including:

  • Never Feeling Hungry and being able to Eat More Food to Lose Fat
  • Improved Energy and Stress Management
  • Improved Quality of Sleep

The Rapid Response Program Includes:

  • 2 x 45 min One on One training sessions (your choice of either gym based or kettlebell based focus) with a fully qualified Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist
  • In Depth Physical Assessment with detailed analysis of weight, shape, body fat and lean mass calculations
  • Complete Diet and Supplementation Outline based on the detailed analysis of the assessment and individual goals.
  • Meal by Meal Breakdown including the exact macro targets calculated daily along with amount and type of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats to eat at every meal. Peri workout nutrition and how to time these meals for maximum benefit and results.
  • Detailed Goal Setting Sessions of both long and short term goals to ensure that you are on track to achieve achievable, realistic goals in the shortest possible time.
  • Rapid Response E-Manual that contains all the information you will need on your challenge
  • Fortnightly Assessments to ensure that you are well on track to achieving both your physical and fitness goals

All of your life and work commitments are taken in to consideration, so the program is flexible to cater to your individual needs and adaptive enough to ensure you are hitting your maximum potential on a consistent basis.

This is by far the most popular and effective program I have on offer and I’m proud to say that not one person has ever felt they have not received total value for money when completing this unique and one of a kind program. In fact, most of my clients started with this package and are still with me over 5 years later!


190 / week to include ALL of the above. All of your one on one training sessions, weekly programs, diets, assessments, EVERYTHING

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