How do you get the body you want with a busy lifestyle?

One thing you can be sure about, life ALWAYS gets in the way. It’s hard to find the time to exercise…to eat right…to get enough sleep…to not stress!

Not only that, the older you get, the harder it is to get the results you used to.

How do you get the best results while living the busy lifestyle you have?

Like most things, there is always a compromise. There are some things you can be flexible with, while others are not so negotiable if you really want the results.

The key is to sift through what’s BS and what is the most important!

The focus for this 8 Week Challenge is doing just that. Keeping it simple by focusing on the biggest 4 key factors that are critical in achieving the best results in fat loss.

These 4 are THE MOST important things in achieving the results in any program.

There are 4 Key Factors you will be focusing on during the next 8 weeks:

1. Nutrition

Thanks to the rise of social media, there is so much information available today.

Unfortunately, not a lot of it is credible….

You are mainly reading opinions, not science. With all the conflicting information out there, how do you know what’s best? Should you go Keto, Dukan, Raw Food, Whole Food, No food? (yes, there’s even “breatharians” out there)

Like most things, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. This program puts everything in context and takes the guess work out, making it easy.

You’ll get nothing but the latest in scientific research in fat loss, along with scientifically formulated eating plans and diet calculations.

You will get your own individual targets to work towards daily based on your own individual assessment and body composition calculations.

Diet outlines and daily plans on how you can hit your targets will also be provided, along with meals and food selections of highly nutritious, low processed foods to promote overall health and well being.

2. Training

Science has come a long way over the years, but the human body hasn’t. How many times a week do you train for best results? What exercises? How many sets, reps, etc. How do you know what the best program is?

Truth is, there is no one best program. And no one program works forever. But there ARE universal principles that do give you the best results. This program ties together all of the latest scientific information on training and fat loss and puts it in to an easy accessible format suitable for the beginner to the most advanced. Not only that, workouts and programs change consistently to ensure challenging and stimulating workouts that don’t leave you unmotivated and stale.

You will receive online detailed spreadsheets with EVERYTHING outlined for to fill out and keep track as you go.

The training split, exercises, sets, reps, tempo’s, rest periods, even the weights are all calculated.

All you have to do is turn up and do the work.

3. Sleep

Research has continued to show the less you sleep – and the less sleep quality you get – the more body fat you will tend to carry.

Lack of sleep can affect everything from cognitive function, immunity, fat loss, blood sugar control and risk of chronic diseases such as cancer.

You will all receive an internationally recognised sleep questionnaire to complete at the beginning – 4 week mark – and the end. This will give you a sleep index score and rate the quality of your sleep. The aim will be to improve on your score over the 8 week period.

You will then receive an action plan to implement to help you gain control over the quality and quantity of sleep.

4. Stress Management

Obviously everyone has different levels of external stressors and we can’t control everything that goes on in our lives, but we can work on how we react and deal with them.

If you’ve read anything I have written in the past (see link at bottom of the page), you will know how detrimental stress can be on your fat loss efforts.

Managing stress, practicing meditation and mindfulness and enjoying some much needed leisure and “me” time is also a priority to help you get back some perspective in life and enjoy what is really important.

The next 8 weeks are all about getting your life back on track, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Prizes for 1st place for both males and females

The next program starts on the 21st Jan 2019

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190 / week one on one sessions (Includes 2 x 45min training sessions per week, weekly programs, diets, assessments, EVERYTHING)

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For the science behind why the above factors are so important, check out the 10 part series on the science of fat loss.