Ebook - Calories don't count - By Ben Minos

Ebook: Calories Don’t Count

Ebook - Calories don't count - By Ben MinosEverything you’ve been told about nutrition is a lie.

Eat less and move more. That is the message constantly being thrown at us each and every day. From nutritionists, to governments, to health professionals and the media, we are told that the only way we can lose weight is if we eat less calories than we burn off.

The whole basis of modern nutrition is based around this seemingly irrefutable fact. That it all comes down to calories in vs calories out.

There’s only one problem with the whole calorie theory though. It is just plain wrong!

In this controversial new book, Ben Minos explores the science on how your body really stores fat and what is the best way to go about losing it. You will finally discover which foods you should be eating to give you the lean and toned physique you have always been after and how you can actually eat more food to weigh less.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to just drop a few unwanted kilo’s, or to get the lean and toned look normally reserved for the front cover of a magazine. These universal principles of nutrition will outline how you can go about getting it, all the while giving your body the healthiest, most nutritionally optimised diet at the same time

Above all else, you will find out why the experts have been wrong this whole time about nutrition and why your body has never cared or measures things in calories. Quite simply, you will learn why when it comes to losing fat, calories really don’t count.