Lets Face It, Getting Older SUCKS!

There’s no way you’re getting to the gym to “crush” those workouts 6 days a week. You’re not going to have all of your meals prepped and stacked neatly in the fridge.

You’re lucky to even get to the gym at all these days. And when you do, you avoid most exercises because of whatever ache or pain happens to be poking it’s head up this week.

And your diet?…well, it’s usually whatever you happen to have lying around at the time. That, and finishing the leftovers from unfinished kids meals.

Over the years, you’ve slowly become




You swear your metabolism has slowed down to the pace of a geriatric snail.

To top it all off. You’re tired. You’re stressed. You’re cranky. There’s pressure coming from all angles. Work. Family. Kids. Who the hell has time to train 6 days a week? Prep meals…Weigh chicken breast…Cook broth…Drink kombucha…!!!


You can’t keep going on like this!

It’s time to get control back over your life. It’s time you start prioritising what’s important. In other words, it’s time to get your $%$t back together!

Yes, you’re body has changed a LOT over the years, but that doesn’t mean your results have to

You just have to do it smarter


  • Having enough energy to get through each day AND still having plenty left over to play with the kids
  • Not only fitting back in to the clothes you used to, but looked even leaner and fitter than before
  • Sleeping better and feeling better about yourself and actually enjoying each day

This 6 week program is designed to do just that

It cuts through all of the BS and focuses on the simplest most effective ways to get you  




Everything is set out for you step by step in great detail. Every aspect individually calculated to meet your own specific needs. 

It is structured to maximise results in the shortest possible time. And even help you get rid of those niggles along the way.

No fads. No filters. No #grind. No booty bands. No B%*($T Just…f@&$ing science!

Not only will you look better. You will feel better. And sleep better.

This 6 week program has been our most successful program and literally changed 100’s of people. People just like you. 

People who wanted to live their best life. People who wanted to be in even better shape than when they were 20. People who wanted to be the best role model for their loved ones.

People with back pain. Shoulder pain. Knee pain. Or just plain emotional pain, mourning the loss of their golden days.

Some who started with this simple 6 week program have stuck with it now for over 10 years and counting! Quite simply I know it works and I have made some great friends for life along the way.

Here are some of the results from our last challenge

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