Online Programs and Detailed Diet Plans


Sometimes life gets in the way. A lack of time, cost, travel…there’s a bunch of reasons why sometimes you can’t commit to one on one training sessions.

Or you might simply be type of person that has been training for a few years, knows your way around the gym, but just wants someone to shake things up a little for you and give your some direction and purpose to your training.

If this sounds like you, then our Program option might be the best thing for you.

We set up your own individual Google Drive folder that contains your own personal workout spreadsheets for you to fill in

Each week you will receive a new program outlining:

  • The Training Method for the week/s cycle
  • The Training Split
  • All Exercises
  • Weight
  • Sets
  • Reps
  • Tempo
  • Rest periods
  • the works!!

All you need to do is record your data, such as weight / sets / reps / total time of workout and the spreadsheet formulas do the rest

This ensures steady progression and key performance data to guarantee results.

We use a wide ranging selection of different training protocols, methods and techniques to get the best results possible. Everything from Rest Pause, Every Minute On the Minute, Ladders, Drop Sets, Pre and Post Exhaust, 6-12-25, the list goes on. Every week there is a new program that will build on results of previous weeks to ensure the greatest adaptation is promoted.

You get the perfect mix of an effective scientific approach to ensure calculated progress, and enough variation to keep your training fresh and interesting.

All of this for only 20 / week!!

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If you live locally in Brisbane, you can get the full nutrition makeover tailored for your specific body composition goals.

You’ll get all of the full detailed assessment and analysis that all of the other programs offer, including:

  • In Depth Physical Assessment with detailed analysis of weight, shape, body fat and lean mass
  • Complete Diet and Supplementation Outline based on the detailed analysis of variables gained during the assessment and individual goals.
  • Meal by Meal Macro Breakdown of exactly the amount and type of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats to eat at every meal and more importantly, what foods and how much to eat to hit these targets and how to time these meals for maximum benefit and results.
  • You can also enjoy this option with the Weekly programs (outlined above) emailed out weekly.

Diet – only 20 / week (250 initial set up)

Both Programs and Diet – 35 / week (250 initial set up)